369. Potato Cat

OK this was just too funny to let it slide. There is a tutorial posted by @howto_artist on Instagram, which explains in a funny way how to draw a potato cat. It ends with;

You have now drawn a potato cat. Congratulations. The ritual has been completed.

I found my watercolor kit back, and drawn with crisp clear lines this time. Yesterday I started on a cartoon I wanted to post, but due to my palm pressing the back button, and me putting the stylus right over the “discard” option, I lost all progress.

Kind of a weird feeling, knowing what you’re drawing can be gone with a flick of a button. That is one thing paper has over digital. Unless you accidentally spill your coffee or put your artwork on fire, it will not evaporate in front of your eyes.

Luckily Artflow has this option “disable hardware back button”. And needless to say, I enabled that option.

What is up with the Potatoes? I am not sure. In 2015 my colleague had this wallpaper. It is in the back of my mind ever since. A cute Kawaii potato.

That’s right, you can do the thing…

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