367. Draw a Parade

Apologies for getting carried away. It was so much fun to draw this one, that I forgot about the rest of the parade. Yes it is a float, loosely based on the ones I saw and I just let my imagination fill in the rest.

I am still experimenting with the brushes in Artflow. I started out with a watercolor type brush, but that could not be resized too much, so I switched to a hard brush which I changed the opacity to 50% so that shading becomes possible. It gives a streaky effect like a crayon I decided to go with that for now, but will probably only use it for hair or fur in the future.

Back when I was working on an enchanted forest, I noticed I could get sucked in small details of fantasy objects. They are just so soothing to draw. Semi crooked houses, weird shapes and lots of wood.

In the end I had to literally just stop. Stop adding more details. It is a good thing I guess when the focus gets so high that you forget about everything else. It just is too bad there are more chores to do 😉

2 Replies to “367. Draw a Parade”

  1. Your float certainly looks fun! I can feel the enjoyment that went into the drawing. I love your imaginative parade — even if it is only one float. You captured the spirit quite well.

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