366. Champagne

My goal for this year is to work on figures, clothes and posing a bit more. Somehow when I am in a cartoony mood, the head starts out pretty ok, but soon after that the rest of the body, proportions and those things they call limbs are a lot of trial and error. It used to be a constant remark of an art teacher I had in an “snail mail” drawing course. “Put some more dynamics in it!”.

I got the book “Figure it out, a beginners course to drawing people” by Christopher Hart and I am going to use it for multiple reasons.

  1. Develop a style solid enough that I can draw people in various positions without having to hunt for reference material
  2. When urban sketching starts back up, draw people quicker
  3. Just finally understand the proper proportions for a man, woman and child without it looking too cartoony when it shouldn’t.

I started this sketch in Artflow, just relaxing while laying down. Still tired and groggy from last night. I think my 9 year old daughter beat me at Track Mania a few too many times, but I can’t be sure. It is all a blur. I redrawn this in Sketchbook Pro.

There, first drawing of the new year is done.

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