365. Party Favors – Happy New Year everybody!

I did it!! This is my 365th drawing of the year. I can’t honestly say I have been sketching daily but who can in this busy world. I did have to catch up (make multiple on a day) about three or four times, but the end result is the same. There are 365+ drawings this year, one for every day.

This last one is made in watercolor and with regular pen and ink, as I wanted to close this year in style, and not with a stylus. I almos forgot how relaxing pen and paper can be.

And what a year it has been. I started out with a very ambitious drawing, on january 1st 2018, which was prompted “Happy new year”. I guess I am early with this one, but hey the prompt calls for Party Favors). This first prompt was an overly ambitious sketch of the old Theathre of Michigan, Jackson.

I was struggling for two days when I realized that daily sketching is not about producing masterpieces every day and showcasing how good you are, but the journey and progress you make along the way to become better. It is way more interesting to show your attempts and struggles as you go, and look back and notice how much you’ve grown. I did learn that what I think of as a failed drawing, can look great to others. That gave me confidence to even post the lesser pieces I’ve done.

As Alphonso Dunn says in one of his Youtube videos; “It’s great you show your best work, but where are your sketches? Nobody becomes an artist overnight”.


Needless to say, the first piece I did was never finished (but submitted anyway):

January 1st, 2018


Rewind to the first day of this year. Laying on bed determined to do this “sketchdaily” thing I heard about. First time using my drawing tablet, first time using perspective, first time using Autodesk Sketchbook on a laptop, first time everything. For this sketch, I wanted it to say on the front “Now Playing, 2018” as it would be fitting. My wife has visited this cinema often as she lived there as a child.

But, after this struggle, I followed the rules of sketching in a limited time, otherwise I would never keep up doing this every day. This is where progress started, as choices had to be made what to draw, how to draw, and be inspired by everybody else doing it for multiple years.

I started out on Tumblr and Twitter, but after I noticed that Tumblr was dying and Twitter barely shown me any acknowledgement of my existence, I switched to Instagram, as I seen many people posting their work on there.

During Inktober 2018, I decided to setup this blog and showcase my work here, as I love to tell a story that goes with the daily sketch, and I made the plunge and started using WordPress. I remember it well, I was sitting on a plastic chair in the office of the speech therapist, and had my blog up and running on my phone within mere minutes. Technological progress is awesome.

Fast foward…

Fast forward to 11:59 pm tonight. Counting down the seconds of the old year, watching the clock, pouring champaign and raising my glass together with my family to you all. Let 2019 be a better year. Here’s to:

  • More creativity
  • More (spiritual) growth
  • Improved health
  • More family time
  • A good work/life balance
  • A mindful existence..

Happy 2019 everyone!

One Reply to “365. Party Favors – Happy New Year everybody!”

  1. I love you’re attempt at the Mochigan Theatre in Jackson, Michigan. It is one of the most historical buildings downtown. It is one of those buildings that you never want to see disappear. Too many places that gave my hometown the character that made it unique have been gone a long time. Watching nature take bake the Drive-in Theatre was sad. Watching the original McDonald’s sign being taken down because it was too large to fit the requirements of the new building codes. (It used to show how many burgers were served since opening). It isn’t hard to understand looking at all these places being destroyed so early in their creation, why the US will always seem so young.


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