363. Snowmen

I am looking for more effective ways of setting up concept sketches before I commit to a drawing, and this worked out well.

Usually I go through the lengthy process of gathering reference pictures I need for a joke or to collect info about the subject. I store those either in a Todoist project, or in an Evernote page, both sync cross device which is key.

At home I try to set up a canvas in Autodesk Sketchbook with reference pics on the left, and in the limited space left come up with the drawing. This usually feels cramped and forced, as the idea did not really materialize at that point.

I tried to work differently this time, which is just … start sketching. While looking at reference pics, just adapt what you see, or develop as you go. This is a much more creative approach as soon my own ideas starts to take over and fill in the blanks.

What is left is me getting in the flow of things, and come up with the goofiest stuff. These are basically snowmen I would actually make outside myself, would it be snowing. No typical snowmen for me.

The process

So how did I do this, and most likely will do this more often in the future?

I started on my tablet in Artflow. I just started sketching away. Jot down ideas. Let the creative mind be free. The laptop was open, just to ocassionally look at snowmen in general, characteristics, what not.

Once finished doodling, I exported the PSD of this sketch from Artflow to Dropbox, which made it magically appear on my laptop (Dropbox cloud sync is awesome).

I opened Sketchbook Pro, and went on with my Wacom Intuos M, and finalized the lines and added some color. This is liberating as the cumbersome concept sketches are mostly finished and only need to be embellished a little bit. I do not need to setup a canvas with reference pictures, feel cramped and move them around the whole time.

The rest is just normal progress. One more note on the Wacom Intuos M. They decided to get rid of the eraser on the back of the pen, which I first found very limiting. But now that I draw on two devices, and both are configured with button to erase while drawing, it is actually less cumbersome and I do not use the undo button so often anymore.

The days are counting down. Only two more drawings to go, and I have been drawing a whole year! And don’t worry, I don’t intend to stop.

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