362. Free Draw Friday – Mushrooms

This was actually yesterday’s alternate prompt, but I needed something to test out my tablet with. I discovered I got the Pro license of Artflow, and this app is now my new favorite! It does everything right. It basically makes you feel like you’re drawing on a sheet of paper, with extra’s. The sketching feels very natural and it contains all the tools needed to do the job without being overly packed with nonsense which makes you feel incompetent understanding what they actually do.

The killer features for me are, the ability to lock zoom / pan together with S pen only mode. Which means that it will not respond to touches allowing your palm to rest on the tablet which makes drawing feel more natural. I was sold when I could configure the S pen button to actually be useful as an eraser instead of popping up an annoying menu when pressed. It requires some dexterity to manage that, as lifting up the pen while pressing the eraser will show the menu anyway.

Earlier in the morning I was still amazed and testing it and drew this quick piggie

Hello piggie! This feels liberating, as I can consider this my new sketchpad jotting down ideas. Artflow can export the drawing as PSD which allows me to use Sketchbook Pro on my laptop to finish it up. I am also not big in “app lock in” as some drawing apps keep the project management all to themselves, not allowing me to export my own artwork other than a PNG or JPG.

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