361. Draw Anchovies

Somehow in my mind an Anchovy was closely related to an Artichoke. I was surprised to see photo’s of fishy food dishes, not even the fish itself. They are apparently so insignificant (they grow between the size of 2 cm up to 40 cm) that Google rather shows me how I can prepare them instead of how they actually look. That, or I just browse a lot of recipes.

I came across Spongebob (happens all the time) and there are a lot of Anchovies. They are usually portayed as nerds that say “Meep” or as an ravenous group of fish that stop at nothing. I liked the cartoon style and they did a good job of resembling the anchovy, as long slender fish with big eyes.

My first joke failed to materialize. It was was going to be something like a couple of Anchovies going to “Anchovy University” which was a facade for an anchovie cannery. One anchovy would say to another; “They are teaching mostly dry subjects here”, while they walk to their doom. Which is funny, as we eat them as dried fish, and universities teach dry subject matter. But anyway…

When I collected some reference material, being overly tired I just could not get the setup right. And the thought of drawing a whole factory, just made me groan. 

So I settled for this joke. Which popped up thinking about the Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty, and a couple staying the night in a hotel, with similar outcome.

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