360. Boxing

I am currently recuperating from Christmas, as preparing for Santa to come over took it’s toll, together with celebrating first Christmas day.

For some odd reason my daughter has a built in clock when it comes to getting up early sensing the presents were delivered (at 4:30 am). We let her have her stocking and sent her back to bed. But surely, at 5:30 she was standing next to our beds to let the unwrapping festivities begin.

She got a new laptop, which of course did not want to work the first time around. I got a long awaited gift, my Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet with S pen. This is my first crude attempt using Infinite Painter. I had to fiddle with some settings to get the brush dynamics right. I am still not sure if I like Infinite Painter over Sketchbook Pro (as an app), but time will tell.

The glove is fitting (pun intended) as I feel like someone smacked me in the face and knocked me off my feet. I still need to do yesterday’s prompt but for that I will most likely switch to my computer. The tablet is a good way to build on a sketch, or just doodle with a distinct possibility to make it to a painting. It will not replace my regular sketchbook, but I can imagine at work during coffee breaks I can start building on a concept which will I finish later.

When I am more used to either Sketchbook Pro (on tablet) or Infinite Painter, I will post some tips and tricks.

One can never have enough possibilities to draw, as there is no excuse not to do it. Currently I have to my disposal:

  • A watercolor sketchpad (Micron markers and Sakura Koi paint set)
  • A computer with drawing tablet (Wacom Intious)
  • My regular tablet (Samsung Galaxy S3 + S pen, thank you Santa)

I got so much goodies to check out. First of all gotta catch up with the sketchdaily prompts!

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