350. Naruto – Sasuke

Drawing time ~59 minutes

To say that Naruto is totally unfamiliar to me, is an understatement. I must have seen small fragments on TV here and there, but never a full episode. I did some research and came across Sasuke, one of Naruto’s most powerul rivals. I did not wanted to draw Naruto, as I would expect be beating a dead horse submitting that to r/SketchDaily

Instead I got to read up about the animator behind the series, Masashi Kishimoto and the form it originated from. Apparently Naruto appeared as two manga volumes, both written as one-shot stories, on which the whole franchise is based upon. The term one-shot was unfamiliar to me, but apparently it is a self contained story and not (like most comic books) an ongoing story.

I do not particulary like Manga, although I can see how powerful the art-form can be, if the expression in Sasuke’s eyes is simple yet intricate, expressing anger, distrust, by just bending one line of the right eye, down a little bit.

It also appears I am sketching my last drawings, and do not really feel up to coloring them, not sure why. These are busy days, and sketching is more involving and mindful. Coloring (to me) is just finishing work, if the lines are there. Of course this is different when coloring on a traditional medium.

And what’s up with the drawing time? I am using Togl to time-track my overall areas of life to see if I am balancing life, work and chores. This allows me to accurately see how much time I spent on the pleasant part, hobbies 🙂 

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