348. Saturday night Fever – Beaver Fever

I used to love this show (I still do). The Angry Beavers starring the brothers Norbert and Dag. The show had a good combination of wackyness and an over the top parody with it’s take on bad mystery B-movies starring Oxnard Montalvo.

The episode is called Beaver Fever (I am well aware of the urban term, but this pre-dates the slang I guess) and the lyrics go like this;

Daggett: Shake it down, y’all! Heh, heh, heh! Nee… heh!

Norbert: In the day… (Daggett: Uh-huh)

he bites down trees (Daggett: That’s right!)

Chews away… (Daggett: Ha!)

the bark! (Daggett: Pff, ha!)

Norbert: But it really starts… (Daggett: Uh-huh!)

To work it… (Daggett: That’s it, baby…)

Good gosh.

After it gets dark

Daggett: Get down, y’all!

Norbert/Girls: He’s got the beaver fever!

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