347. Frigid Free Draw Friday – Revisit

I have been very busy migrating all my todo items and projects from ClickUp back to Todoist (not smart to do this in the busy holidays). It was a chore that took most of the day. 

In the limited time I had left, I browsed through my old scraps and found one that actually applied to today’s (well yesterday’s) theme, Frigid Free Draw Friday. Back in the day when I was not extremely happy with my style (which I borrowed from other cartoonists and tried to make my own), I happened to create a couple of sketches that actually hit home base. The style was heavily influenced by André Franquin a Belgian comic book artist, most known for Gaston (in Dutch, Guust) and Marsupilami.

I simply adored his style and sense of humor (he unfortunately passed away in 1997). I re-read his books (Gaston) maybe hundreds of times because every comic was well drawn, intrinsic with little details, and never got boring. 

The drawing above is a (digitally) redrawn version of the original, I didn’t want to change the style too much as I still think it is the level of detail I one time want to end up with. I embellished it, and made the ‘chill experience’ more prominent than the original.

And here is the original scrap sheet, on which I drawn a whole bunch of people in winter coats, for no apparent reason (or I can’t remember why). If you are familiar with Andre Franquin’s style, it shows 🙂 If you never read Gaston, please do. They are awesome comic books.

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