346. Elves On The Shelf

Today’s prompt was “figure drawing”. My first “gut feeling” was that I was going to draw middle age obese men in various forms and poses, but in fear of not being able to get any sleep tonight I changed my mind. Instead, I decided to draw two figures my wife had to chase all over town yesterday.

See, my daughter has two elves and as tradition goes, they show up on December the 1st. They are Santa’s benevolent little spies helpers and keep an eye on the kids. They help them by showing little hints what they could improve. Being dental hygiene, cleaning up after themselves or sticking to a good bedtime schedule. Our elves smell where there is opportunity for improvement, and show up on those places (like on the pile of clothes she left in her room).  Sometimes the opposite is true, they cause the messes that the kids have to clean up. Yes it is a fact that they can be up to no good, but fun too.

However a few days ago, they did not move anymore. They were just sitting on the couch, chilling. Our daughter was a bit concerned. What were they up to? She was told they were saving up their magic for something big, because that is how they work. They sometimes have to rest to perform their trick. My wife saw them leave and chased them all over the town of Delft and snapped pictures to collect evidence for my daughter. One of those pictures I decided to use as reference today.

As you can see they had quite an adventure. I am sure they will rest today. 

One Reply to “346. Elves On The Shelf”

  1. This was so much fun! Our daughter loved it. They even brought her a present back because she finally got a good review with the dental heigentist (sp?). It was a LOL Pet Surprise. Wouldn’t you know it was a rare one and contained 3 rare pets. It was so awesome.


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