345. Mediocre Superpowers

What would my mediocre superpower be?

It would be cool to zenscape myself out of any bullshit conversation, just flying away all mindful.

I get entangled in those discussions often, and it angers me to listen to the crap wishing I could make myself invisible and escape. But somehow the conversation revolves about a topic I am supposed to give useful feedback on, while I know it is is not well received, or will fall on deaf man’s ears. Any vibrations my voice make are from that point on, just converting one type of energy to another.

At those times I practice my breathing technique, and envision myself just zenscaping the hell out of there.

I drew this in sketch only, with poor preparation for the positioning of the characters as it all had to be done under an hour. Last night, tired of all those kind of meetings and conversations I lacked the ability to prepare.

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