344. X-files – The Peacock Family

I browsed through some X-files monsters, just to get reacquainted. Let’s be honest, this is an old show. The final episode was (yikes) 16 years ago.

I’m looking back at the old stills, it did not give me the the same weird vibe as it did back then. Except for one episode where Mulder and Scully were fighting the Peacock Family. They consisted largely of males and were greatly feared in their community, the local Sheriff knowing of their incestuous relationships yet turning a blind eye to them. Can you imagine? They kept inbreeding until horrid deformations started showing in their offspring.

I decided to go for a black and white full contrast, and the pitchfork just felt right being red. I never varied the pencil brush thickness in Autodesk Sketchbook much, I only switch between a H and HB predefined brush setting so it was exciting to play with a very thick brush width and large areas of contrast.

I hope I got the eery posture right.

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