343. My Computer

My old laptop (replaced early 2017) was from 2010. In computer terms, he could have been a member of an elderly home, proud that he reached the respectable age of 100 years.

Somehow in those seven years I’ve developed a relationship with that laptop (a Dell M4400), and we were good buddies. I did not use it for much (a bit of coding and some fiddling), but I noticed it was getting slow. The world around it’s little i5 CPU was going too fast to keep up, the updates did not upgrade the user experience, it merely added more disappointment.

Humming, high fan load, always short of breath a steady stream of hot air came out of it’s vents up until the point I noticed it was slowly turning into a furnace. During the summer I could not use it as it was just blowing around hot air and shut down. It was confined to it’s desk on constant life-support because the battery would not charge anymore. The power adapter did not agree with the laptop causing all kinds of boot problems where I’ve seen a circus of warning lights during it’s life. On top of that, the screen started to fade like it was slowly developing cataracts.

At one point, it became unusable. Unreliable. But it still had the will to keep going, but just could not keep up. A lot of changes happen in seven years, especially when the next laptop you own is a Thinkpad X1 carbon ultrabook. It is so light and thin, I have never owned a device that I could carry with one hand, holding it between my finger and thumb weighing nothing more than a regular glossy magazine. The battery lasts a day on full use, and it got all kind of new connectors I never heard of. I will probably only use 50% of all cool tech on board, but it was sort of a technology shock to me.

TL;DR Don’t wait with upgrades.
This is a dedication to era of (old) IBM computers I worked with in school and later at work. It sure brought me in a nostalgic mood. I would give anything to get my old 5 1/4″ and 3 1/2″ floppies back. Just to see what digital cruff is still on there.

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