340. Childhood Memories – Red

I seem to be running out of paper while drawing lately. It has to do with the way I am forcing myself to draw, which is building on proportions from one aspect to another, instead of sketching like a madman. I am kind of forced to draw like this because on watercolor paper I can sketch all I want, but I am afraid to ruin the texture when I need to erase a lot too.

Right now it is both a self imposed practice (and curse) that I hardly sketch. I iterate on proportions of a previous aspects of a drawing. The practice is that drawing on location (outside) can be done solely by pen and observing, and it saves time (retracing and erasing). But, you have to really measure things in your head and see all small parts into their relative proportions. Think before you draw, as every line cannot be changed.

How big is this object compared to that one, and at what angle? When done right it avoids frustrations and liberates, aiming for the first time right. But when it goes wrong, oh boy. This is the third drawing on this single sheet that I am running out of paper, and I am forced to compress the proportions (a bit, Red really has short legs).

That is why authors of urban sketch books always mention boxing or framing before you start. Box your intended draw area, then make everything you want to be in the box relative. I clearly failed to make a box, I just started to draw.

The theme is Red. One of my childhood main cartoon characters is “The Red Guy” from Cow and Chicken, with Chicken as bonus. This cartoon is my all time favorite of my childhood. It was on Cartoon Network, back when they didn’t care about the content (which was wacky and surreal) and for us Dutch kids, translating cartoons to Dutch voice overs. Nothing beats the original voice actors.

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