338. Childhood Memories #5 – Games

I used to own an Amiga 500, on which I occasionally played games. I did hoard a lot of games, but was drawn more towards the demo scene, and coding early in my childhood. We never had a big name, but we had great fun discovering assembler, how to use the graphical processor and designing graphics in general.

This is Quiffy of the game “Flood” which I used to play till my thumbs hurt.

[1] Quiffy must collect all of the various pieces of litter on the level and then find the exit to complete each level. In general the litter is not particularly hidden, it is just distributed around the level. Quiffy can climb on most walls and ceilings, and swim through water. He has energy which depletes upon touching dangerous objects, but can also die instantly when touching any of the few lethal objects. Although he can swim and has the appearance of an amphibious life-form, he can only breathe above water and will start to drown if he runs out of air.

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