336. Childhood Memories #3 – Parade

Ok, I have to confess, I am not going to be very invested in this week. I love the concept of drawing childhood memories around a theme, but it also confronts me with the fact I have very little memories.

Back in my childhood, up into my adolescent years I suffered a lot from Epilepsy. Due to that condition (which is in remission now), my ability to form memories as a child were rare and incidental. My brother can get all excited about things we’ve done together and recall them in vidid detail. I wonder if he is really talking about my childhood at all, because all it sounds foreign. It’s like waking up from a coma and you’ve lost a great part of your memories.  

It sounds depressing, but I learned to live with it. Luckily, more recent events do stay, and the many small epileptic events that caused my inability to retain memories, are as good as gone. I do keep a journal for important events which helps and is also fun because one does occasionally forget what happened on what day and how I felt (I recommend DayOne).

Long story short, a week like this (although I do not have to participate) just confirms how little I do know. I have no recollection of any parade, I tried to think of one all day yesterday. I must have attended a lot of St. Nicholas parades, or Carnival parades, but none stuck with me, or more likely they are lost in the memory void.

On top of this, I came to realise that my watercolor and my cartoon style do not really mix well. I had this hunch before. Where does it go wrong? Likely the absence of larger areas of equal value, too dark colors that take away too much of the line art that needs to stay prominent (for me), and accidental mixing of wrong colors. And once it’s on paper, I can’t go back. Oddly enough drawing cartoons I have done for a very long time, but I still am struggling with it.

Santa will bring me a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for Christmas which I hope to use more for sketching and cartoons, as it comes with an S-pen. I also do need to renew my Wacom Intious tablet, because the daily plugging and unplugging of USB plug worn down my laptop’s USB port to the point I do not want to use it that often anymore, afraid it break.

Oh if you wonder why the drawing is all greyscale? It seemed fitting for this day.

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