335. The Long Wishlist (S88.1)

This teamdrawing might need some explaining. If you are not from the Netherlands or Belgium, we are nearing St. Nicholas.

It is a children’s event where on St. Nicholas eve (December the 5th) there will be a lot of excitement and anticipation as St. Nicholas might visit and bring presents.

When the children least expect it, there will be a loud pounding on the door as the Petes visit and leave a burlap bag full of toys and candy.

All throughout November the 20th (arrival of St Nicholas in the Netherlands) till December the 4th, children are allowed put their shoe at the fireplace and sing traditional St. Nicholas songs.

They usually put drawings and little lists in them, accompanied with some treats for the horse of St. Nicholas called Amerigo. When they go to bed, Pete’s visit and take the candy and horse treats and leave a small present or some candy.

As this events concludes in 3 days, I thought it was fitting to draw a small elephant for the team, singing at a giant shoe. My colleague’s shoe was used as a model, and yes he is a tall fellow.

The pun of this drawing is the “Wishlist” which in Dutch is “Verlanglijst”. The team is still working on optimizing the storage of list based elements in the search engine, so the team name is fitting.

Happy St. Nicholas everone!

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