334. An Elephant Called Wanda (S88.2)

It’s that time again. We still have one more sprint to go this year. Team 88.2 (we are now in sprint 88) chose a favorite movie from 1988. I was kind of dissapointed that their first choice wasn’t Die Hard, as that is my favotite movie. I must have watched that movie so many times I can literally narrate the dialog.

Anyway, they chose “A fish called wanda” with John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Cline. As every sprint has to have an elephant related aspect to it, I made it a hybrid. For me the movie was always about the fish. Because, the original title actually was “A goldfish called Wanda”. The fish itself reappears a couple of times in the movie in various humorous situations.

I had two options, either I would draw an elephant not fitting in the fishbowl, or make it a hybrid. Since I was a bit pressed for time, I went with the hybrid. Sometimes the safest is the quickest.

Today an exciting theme is also started, called “Childhood Week 2018” posted under the hashtag #childhoodweek. I hope to find time to do this. Unfortunately my memories are very flaky and far apart, so I have to dig deep. 

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