330. Blizzard

This started out scary. I had nothing but a pencil to make the contours of the houses, and no ink to guide me. I had to trust the watercolor to do it’s work.

I started out with a very dilluted grey for the contours, but the fine details were impossible using my Sakura Koi brush. Luckily I borrowed the fine arts brush set from my wife and started slowly but surely put more details in.

This painting opened a whole new experience for me. The experience that is so intense that my toast was getting soggy and the coffee turned cold.

I was immersed in this drawing, almost physically visiting that street, with a big wintercoat, experiencing the cold.

And that experience is what I hoped for. The feeling of making a painting your own, the escape from everything for a little bit longer than an hour, and just “be”.

When I returned from that trance, there was something of me left in that drawing, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Oddly I never had that with digital painting. It is a faster medium. Using brushes forces you to think and experience. It is much more intense.

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