328. Cybernetic Lifeform

I was 14 (maybe 15) years old when Aliens was shown in the cinema. My favorite character next to Ripley, was Bishop for the reason that he tried to be the good android and win Ripley’s trust, while his predecessor Ash, which was an evil version tasked with conserving the Alien Lifeform on board of the Nostromo, and attempting to kill Ripley.

It was a shocker in the movie, when the alien queen ripped Bishop apart. And even in his disemboweled state, he saves the little girl Newt.

I was in a sketchy mood, and drawing Bishop in his last moments just appealed to me as he left the biggest impression of being a cybernetic lifeform. The impression was the hardest as his face shows both surprise, indifference and fear at the same time.

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