327. Whale – Free Draw Friday

Back in my Inktober 2018 prompt madness, I was looking up ideas for “Whale” which was the prompt for day 12. I wanted to draw a heavily pocked whale with little critters swimming along, but I went with the Beluga whale.

I still had this reference pic laying around  on my todo list because he looks so characteristic, pocked and grooved, and yet so wise with an expression saying; “I have seen things you won’t believe”.

[1] Baleen whales (systematic name Mysticeti), known earlier as whalebone whales, form a parvorder of the infraorder Cetacea (whales, dolphins and porpoises). They are a widely distributed and diverse parvorder of carnivorous marine mammals. Baleen whales split from toothed whales (Odontoceti) around 34 million years ago.

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