324. Kanga and Roo

There was no prompt last night, other than “Winnie the Pooh” (again). Not a bad thing, as there are many favorite characters in the show. And after the somewhat negative post I left yesterday I thought I would retry and draw ‘momma’ and Roo. 

I went safe with a digital version, although I’m going to find out when sometimes the paper does not cooperate by trying different ways of applying watercolor on paper. I hope when I understand the response of the paper (wet on wet v.s. normal, very wet v.s. just damp, etc) with the pigment, I can apply colors better. It is all part of the process.

It is funny that the absence of a prompt tosses me in a clueless void, like an engrained routine gets disturbed, and leaves me in the dark. I have been doing the same dance for 324 days, so you might think some there is some flexibility drawing. But the process is intricate. 

My routine is as follows;

  • Post my drawing in the morning around 08:00 am on Instagram.
  • Compile a blog post (this can also be done right after drawing)
  • Publish the blog around 10:00 am
  • Wait till it’s 11:20 am, and my reminder tells me to post on r/SketchDaily 
  • Look at the prompt hint for the next day
  • Use up all braincycles to come up with something creative and funny
  • Consult my wife, who changes my mind completely (sometimes)
  • Do a rough sketch around 8:30 pm, paper or digital
  • Retire for the night (at least, no more chores)
  • At 06:00 am I finish the drawing
  • The alarm goes at 07:00 am to wake up my daughter
  • Rinse, repeat

So when there is no prompt hint (which sometimes happens), you anxiously wait for a prompt, or have to come up with your own ideas. That is where I experience the paradox of choice. There is too much in my mind to draw that my creative mind shuts down, and I can’t come up with a single thing. Oddly, when there is a theme my creative mind gets challenged to the point I can think about a pun or joke the whole day. That is why I loathe free draw friday. I am always at a loss. 

Why the prompt gets stuck is guesswork. I know a little bit about programming but I can only assume that the SketchDaily bot (which is a script, not an actual robot) that is ran at certain hours), crashes and needs some moderator love to get back up. The same bot also queries all participants the previous day and check if they made a post every day for a week, and updates their streak count accordingly.

Oh and the bot is as you can see my 10th drawing. I started this year, and we actually had a theme about it (as this hickup happens on occasion).

But, kudos to the maintainers of the r/SketchDaily forum. It is cool to make new friends and see people improve their artistic skills. I hope to stick around for a very long time.

4 Replies to “324. Kanga and Roo”

    1. No I have a regular job from 9am till 5:30pm and in between that help with the household, so yes the morning hours are definitely my most creative ones 😊


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