323. Winnie The Pooh

I rarely feel such a sad depressed connection with the character, as I do now. This could have turned out great if the colors wanted to cooperate.

They didn’t. And I spent too long trying to mend things which only made it worse. Eeyore is meant to be drawn in a single flat color, that is a very characteristic aspect of the show. Flat colors, dull background.

I made a decision to do this in watercolor, but regretted it the moment the green background did not turn out well. I should have done it differently. With Copic markers (which I do not yet own), crayons or even fingerpaint would have looked better.

Ohhhh bother Eeyore. Oh bother.

Another lesson learned, getting large areas of flat colors using watercolor (while surrounding a line drawing), is very hard to do. Before I realized, the drawing started to look like a five year old did it.

There is pride, perfectionism, and learning from my mistakes.

Perfectionism; “let’s redo this digitally tonight”

Pride; “I am not going to post this, it is horrible”

Realism; “You have no time, there is no shame in showing your struggles”

I learned a long time ago that what I perceive as failed attempts, others others might not. So there you are Eeyore, you lost your tail again.

Oh bother..

2 Replies to “323. Winnie The Pooh”

  1. Eeyore is my favorite Pooh character and I think it is a wonderful job. So I want him framed and hung up in the house. He is awesome.🤗🤗


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