322. Folktale Week – Animal

The last day of Folktale Week (at last). It was fun doing a double topic, but also difficult to come up with good ideas that touch the subject (sometimes remotely).

This is Paul the Octopus who stirred up a lot of emotions during the 2010’s Worldcup Soccer, as he predicted the proper outcome of (some) matches. He was portrayed as the animal oracle, which was kind of neat.

I am not a big soccer enthousiast, but it sure left an impression with me. Does he count as a folktale animal? Well a lot of people all over the world knew him.

This time I left Paul in pen and ink only, as I learned using too much watercolor will ruin the texture. I might revisit him later with a very light wash, just to emphasize things. But not for now.

So long, #folktaleweek2018 see you next year!

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