321. Folktale Week – Mirror

Is there such a thing as “neutral luck” when the mirror breaks, and a number 8 forms?

The number 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, which means “wealth”, “fortune” or “prosper” (where is Spock when you need him)..

In Dutch culture we say; “shards bring happyness”. This has it’s origin in Greek mythology where throwing shards over one’s back would ween of bad spirits. In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom stomps on a glass and shouts “Mazzeltof”. Mazzeltof means happyness or good fortune.

However, we Dutch people also agree that breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck. This has it’s origin with the Romans, who believed that if you break a mirror, you also break your soul.

I thought it was just funny to combine the two, and make it “neutral” again.

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