320. Folktale Week – Ghost

My first attempt of painting watercolor only. And I have to say, it is intoxicating. Using a pen and color defines the drawing better, but letting the colors ooze out of me, and just use intuition only when it comes to what feels right, is truly liberating.

I wish I could have finished this piece in time. But due to traveling and a big meeting yesterday, I could not find the time.

This is an attempt to paint the most famous ghost ship of all, the Flying Dutchman. Although not as detailed as the original, I am quite satisfied with the result.

Yet another exciting niche of creativity that I can’t wait to explore further!

One Reply to “320. Folktale Week – Ghost”

  1. It is beautifully done. I also like that you challenged yourself to work only in watercolor. The ocean and waves with the whitecaps look wonderful. The ship is awesome. The sails give it such an aged appearance. You also picked out the perfect background color… Great job babe… 😙


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