319. Folktale Week – Insect

In Buddhist lore, mosquitoes are the jerks of the spiritual world. Not only in the spiritual world, but also in the confines of my bedroom, especially when I just doze off. I don’t even mind the bloodsucking. Insects do what they gotta do. But why on earth is this intricate ritual needed where it first buzzes around my ear, hides, does it again until I give up looking for it, fall asleep and then sting. Why don’t you just get to the point?

Anyway, I noticed that my inkdrawing was actually better than my colored version. It’s the intricate hairs and the effort that went into it. It can be diminished by too much pigment in the watercolor. I will try to do it reverse and see how that goes. Start with the watercolor and apply the ink on top. It might ruin a drawing or two, but my gut says that is a better approach.  

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