318. Folktale Week – Witch

This is a note to self. If I do not have a concept sketch in the evening, don’t even start in the morning. It frustrates if you have no idea, only reference pics, and very limited time to draw things in. It stifles the creative process as I cannot do things well, and the constant hurry in the morning is not good for stress-levels.

My morning sketches are meant to be mindful and they can. They are meant to start the day relaxed and on a positive vibe that can lift my mood for the rest of the day. Drawing in a zen state, relaxed with enough time to be happy with the result is key here. The morning is my sacred moment of the day to jump-start them neurons.

The cartoon itself turned out pretty OK considering it is only done in the remaining 18 minutes of my allotted hour. I had to rush so much I even forgot to drink my coffee, which turned stone cold on me again.

Tomorrow I have a pretty good idea what to do with the prompt “Ghost”, thanks to my wife for her invaluable ideas and help. She literally researched tomorrow’s prompt when I almost fell asleep 🙂

One Reply to “318. Folktale Week – Witch”

  1. Thank you baby. I think this could have been wonderful if you just had a bit more time. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow’s turns out. I will make sure you have plenty of time to sketch tonight.


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