316. Folktale Week – Forest

I am always happy when we have a theme week as it allows me to grow into the subject. And this week is Folklore Week. A topic that brought many exciting facts of creatures that are born from folklore.
The Netherlands have gnomes, which are beautifully portrayed by Rien Poortvliet. As I child I was told they exist, some adults still do. We also have the Kludde, which is not such a kind creature. I am sure there are more local creatures as well.
I looked at all kinds of mythical creatures all over the world, related to the forest. As there is the Wendigo, Sasquatch, and Leshy who rules over the forest. But since I started too late investigating (during my late dogwalk last night), all work had to be done this morning and I settled with Fairy rings. They do exist and a cool folklore surrounds it.
Fairy rings are the subject of much folklore and myth worldwide—particularly in Western Europe. While they are often seen as hazardous or dangerous places, they can sometimes be linked with good fortune.

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