Full Metal RoboCop

What do you get when you blend two movie titles together? Right, “Full Metal RoboCop”. The second scrum team combined two movies into one name. They are movie buffs, and because we are in Sprint 87 both movie titles were selected from the year 1987. They are of couse Full Metal Jacket and RoboCop 😉

Yesterday’s cartoon was a bit easier to make. Drawing a violent cyborg-elephant soldier took at least a couple of hours.

d8acbf6ba580350e4965eed89a6e4184I can still remember seeing RoboCop at the movies. I was 15, and for a kid my age. They did not have a PG or R rating back then (that was formalized in 2002). But this is one of the movies that left a big impression with me. Full Metal Jacket however, I’ve never seen. I’m not big on war movies.

I changed “Born to kill” to “Born to code”, as it is more fitting for our development team.

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