Sprint 87 has started


Product Ownership

During my day job I am a Product Owner for a big platform. Our sprint started this week on wednesday. My main responsibilities are:

  • Maintain the vision
  • Managing the backlog
  • Stakeholder management
  • Prioritizing needs
  • Overseeing development stages
  • Evaluate the delivered increments

I have a big roadmap, with smaller stories per increment, prioritized over multiple sprints. You can call me an epic juggler on a daily basis.

It is great to see ideas being realized sprint by sprint. And to do something extra for our team, I try to keep the spirit high by contributing scrum team cartoons at the start of the sprint.

We have two scrum teams. One that maintains the core module of the product, the other team maintains the software libraries that hold all the knowledge the platform needs to extract data from.

The team challenges me with team names to draw a cartoon about, and my promise is that monday after the sprint started (which was on the 7th), I perform my little ritual and hang up the sprint team cartoons.

S87.1 Framed

The first team cartoon for Sprint 87 is done (see above). It is called “Framed”, although it is more about lists, but that’s the Dutch part of an untranslatable joke.

Tomorrow I will work on the other cartoon, sacrificing my SketchDaily time as these cartoons are usually a bit more elaborate.

As I have been doing this for about 5 sprints now, the gallery of cartoons grows in our little office, which is quite cool. Here are the cartoons from the last sprint:

S86.1 Yard Sale


This cartoon is about delivering the final bits of our upgrade to the search engine Elastic Search 2 to 6. In Dutch, it is closely related to “Everything must go”.

S86.2 Enter The Librarian

The second team maintains libraries. They just had their formal scrum team launch. They like to merge movie titles and form a team name. The movies here are “Enter the dragon (1973)” and “The librarian (2004)”. I did my best to merge the two different genres.


These cartoons were done during Inktober 2018, so they needed to to be drawn in a notebook in watercolor. I still like them the most of all the ones I made, because it expresses much more depth.

But for this sprint it will be digital, as time is limited.

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