308. Animals In Space

2018.11.04 Animals In Space

Fruit flies where the first ‘animals’ in space. To this day, think they are still travelling in space. They are so far advanced that they mastered space travel way beyond what we are capable of.

I started doing something new. Until a couple of drawings ago, I barely sketched mini trial versions, fiddlings, doodlings of my subject. I have a 6B sketch pen with heavy grafite, great for shading and value studies and I started to put it to good use.

My idea was a fruitfly, traveling in space, with a space helmet and something with a chair. But before I even attempted to go that far, I doodled. I tried. And finally got familiarized with what a Fruit Fly in essence is to me.

2018.11.04 Animals In Space - Prestudy

As you can see, the original cartoon was also one of the final drawings I had when I was done doodling. But at that point I didn’t have a clue what to do with the legs, and I lacked a lot of details. It is liberating to be allowed to make mistakes, because even in mistakes ideas emerge.

Oh hi monkey, you been in space too didn’t you! I am going to do this more often. It speeds up an idea, and are all mini sketchdailies in one, but it gave me a lot of insights in a relatively short period of time.

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