Goodbye, Inktober 2018

This was a special ‘first’ Inktober for me. I did one last year but it was all digital. Back then it was a hurdle to get started as I stopped drawing for at least a decade and a half. At that time I finally got a laptop capable of supporting my Wacom Intious, and Inktober 2017 was perfect for it.

But, that was not a genuine Inktober. No pen, no ink, no paper, and no color medium. This year was intense, I must say. Time consuming and scary as after a light sketch, the inked lines are permanent. It is rewarding, but also very confronting.

My portfolio

Thanks to Nica, a blogging r/SketchDaily friend for a while, I actually started this blog, and also got inspired to make this portfolio of the whole month. Note to self, this should be something to do after every drawing.


My routine

During this Inktober I was confined to a tight routine and ‘analog’ materials.

  • A sketchbook,
  • My Sakura Koi watercolor brush
  • And a set of Micron markers
  • An HB pencil
  • And a D33700 Daylight lamp

I usually start when it’s just past 6 am in the morning sipping my 2nd cup of coffee (the first is taken when waking up at 5:30 am). There is no daylight this time of year, and this lamp has proven very valuable. It both allows me to see the paint in the right hue, and the pencil strokes can stay light.


The glare you see in the picture is my recently purchased Daylight Lamp stationed at my little creative corner of the house.

I started this challenge with the constraint that every day of Inktober I need to use watercolor with this mobile kit. I put this constraint on this month, as I love to get better at urban sketching but felt I needed to learn a lot more about this medium. Before I started this box remained a little white magic box with colors.

I got aggrevated, I got frustrated, I got better, I got proud, and I got hooked! It is so rewarding when it goes well. It is like a piece of yourself is left on this paper. It’s awesome!

Lessons learned

I have to admit, I did not prepare at all for the prompts. I really should have. We got a whole month in advance to think about them, and some of them were very hard. It was nice to have my wife as a creative partner in crime feeding me ideas and suggestions, but having these weeks in advance would have given me plenty of time to do research, not the day before.

Warming up would have also helped. I fiddled with pens, I didn’t have certain tools (a working pencil), and I used a sketchbook for the first time. It is all unneeded stress on already a cramped schedule, because mostly I work between 6 am and 7 am and that is all the time I have on a day.


Logos. I did not this do in the beginning but saw other artists doing it. It is a neat way to tag your drawing. Not to copyright it, but to put your personal touch to it. So in my trusty pencilcase I had a small envelope with two flavors of a ‘tag’ that I could put on top of my drawings when making a picture (which I sometimes forgot to do).

Happy accidents

I had to learn using watercolor on the job. I used it three times before, and the attempts were not great. Grainy, messy, impatient. During my exploration of this medium I definitely goofed up, but found out some cool techniques that are probably pretty standard, but not for me.

My wife donated her brushes in the end, which are better quality soft brushes than the Sakura Koi. That brush is never meant for high precision work, but excels at on the spot drawing.

At one point, I accidentally discovered painting “depth”. I applied a bit too much dark on one side, but magically the salami on my last submission seemed to jump off the paper a bit.


I don’t know it if shows on this image, but this slice of salami is my happiest accident.

To wrap up..

It has been great, I learned so much and I am definately going to be more prepared at Inktober 2019.

See you then!

2 Replies to “Goodbye, Inktober 2018”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! 🙂 Great post. I love seeing your process!
    So tell me about this daylight lamp – what brand did you get and are you happy with it?


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