30 Inktober 2018 – Jolt


How about an electric eel with a bad, bad temper?

It was fun to draw the fins and fish all shocked (and it surely wasn’t the first time this happened). The messy border-crossing paint sides are to emphasize the shockyness.

I found out something interesting. My ‘trusty’ Sakura watercolor brush does not work for smoothing out pigments very well. For the wetting the background I was forced to use a (too) big fan brush (due to time constraints) and noticed it smoothed out the watercolor much better than I would have expected. The paint was also more forgiving to go over when I acted quickly to correct minor mistakes.

The brush was still too big for the job, but it gave me new insights, (and that on the second to last day of Inktober).

For home painting, the Sakura brush is great with details, but on larger areas it is more of a crutch than a tool as it leaves pigment spots behind (this might also be a brush / paper combination). For urban sketching it still trumps all, as it saves a ton of stuff to haul along.

When Inktober is over I hope to stick with watercolor at least a few times a week, but it all depends on time. If I am going to do this every day, there is not enough time to sketch, ink, and color using watercolor.

For inktober I made this promise to myself which really helped explore and manage the medium. It helped that my daughter’s fall vacation happened to be this last week (so no rushing out the door in the morning).

  • When I return back to the r/SketchDaily prompts, it might be a mix between;
  • Wacom Intious + laptop
  • Pen & ink only (great for cross hatching practice and shadows)
  • Pen & watercolor (maybe weekends and with prep the day before)
  • My tablet (I hope to get a Galaxy S3 + pen from Santa) for lazy days

    Time will tell.

One Reply to “30 Inktober 2018 – Jolt”

  1. Honey it isn’t a fan brush for one… it is just a large sable brush. Tonight I will show you a true fan brush that is often times used dry. I would also like to challenge you to just use watercolors without inking first. Forcing you to paint everything using shadowing and shading for you edges instead of ink lines… Love how much you have expanded your abilities in such a short time. You will go far.


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