28 Inktober 2018 – Gift


I am seriously “daylight saving time lagging”. I was so tired I forgot to change the clocks back one hour, and woke up this morning 30 minutes earlier than I normally do. As a result, I made coffee at 5 am, just to find out my phone said it was 4 am. It took a moment to sink in, the end of daylight savings time, sigh.

Anyway, plenty of time to do this in, but due to a shifted clock and a bad night, I started too late on this. That is how it goes when your rhythm is out of whack.

It’s the thought that counts. That is what I wanted to reflect in today’s drawing. Originally inspired by the song “Just what I always wanted” from the 1979’s movie Jack Frost. I attempted to emphasize the shading around the hands, to indicate a hint of something being there anyway, although not visible to the naked eye.

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