27 Inktober 2018 – Thunder

wp-15406280428041710173353284579415.jpgIronically, when I wanted to make a picture, there was a huge raincloud passing by. I had to actually wait for the presence of daylight.

Clouds in watercolor are not trivial. I looked up some YouTube videos and it boils down to having the right thickness of paper. A lot of water is involved and “lifting out” which means extracting the excessive (wet) watercolor from the paper using for example, making lighter areas.

However, my trusty sketchbook does not have the right thickness of paper, plus that the watercolor I use does not dilute very wel leaving it a bit grainy. It has it’s charm.

I applied 4 layers going from light to dark. I chose thunder clouds instead of actual thunder (lightning) although I originally wanted to go with that.

The trees are a nice contrast to the clouds (without the trees there would not be much to ‘ink’ in inktober).

Day 27 is done, only 4 more days to go. Compared to last year I am actually enjoying every day of it, instead of barely keeping up until the end, that is the silver lining in the clouds.

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