25 Inktober 2018 – Prickly

wp-15404470610949020469618514895966.jpgOne of these days, I am going to study how people manage to paint very realistic drawings of fruit and vegetables using watercolor, where the shading is sublime, close to life-like. For some reason my attempts end up with too hard shadowy edges, lack the vibranche or the lighting is totally off.

It’s not that I am not content with the result of this Prickly Pear, I would like it to “pop”, and stand out of the drawing.

One thing that I know doesn’t help is a sense of feeling rushed, both because I only have about 45 minutes to an hour for this, and another aspect is that I don’t truly understand the watercolor dynamics, afraid it will dry out too soon while working on certain areas.

It also might have to do with the Sakura Brush which is designed to slowly add water to the mix as you go (the reservoir is in the brush). A regular brush just runs out. It gives an uneven look to the drawing, like I have been bashing it with a crayon like a 3 years old.

I am also not confident with the water on water technique. It always dillutes the paint making it look faded. That is not bad if the end result needs to have an emphasis of color. As soon as I apply the color directly from the paint (without mixing), hard edges appear.

It happened to my “drooling” submission as well. To be investigated.

5 Replies to “25 Inktober 2018 – Prickly”

  1. Before i read your blog, just looking at the drawing, i liked the way the color was laid down and was trying to figure out what kind of ink you had used. I wouldn’t worry too much about the watercolor problems, it looks cool. I think the things you are talking about are not a lack of skill, but are the result of the tools. The paper mainly? And possibly the waterbrush and type of paint. But I’m guessing the paper. You could try a 100% cotton heavy cold press paper. Or fabriano 25% cotton student cold press paper. And see if your results seem different to you?


    1. I think you are right. This sketchbook is for watercolor, but not the thickest. It does not even have a brand name on it and personally I do not like the spiral on the side. Next time I mind the paper quality more and I will look at your recommendation when I am in the store. Thank you for the boost of confidence ☺️

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      1. Thank you I have not been doing watercolor for so long. As long as Inktober basically, a few on and off tries but nothing serious. It definitely grew on me. It was my personal challenge for a month next to inktober 😅

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      2. I haven’t been doing watercolor too long myself, although I have put a lot of hours in practicing and researching things. I really love watercolor much more than I anticipated. I’m obsessed 🙂 You do a very nice job.

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