24 Inktober 2018 – Chop

20181024_072722-1058x105898932906137217503.jpgPlowing on. There is no lack of inspiration as my wife comes up with the greatest ideas. My imagination on “chop” would not go further than drawing a porkchop.

She used to watch a morning show called Captain Kangaroo when she was young. Shari Lewis (ventriloquist) did the voice of Lamb Chop, a sock puppet. This was aired in 1956, thus all greys.

Lamb Chop appealed to a young audience, as she was portrayed as a 6 year old, obstinate and vulnerable girl.

For me this was the hardest drawing of this month. I learned that the shading around the mouth of a sock puppet is not trivial nor can be rushed. I kind of wanted to give up on this one, and go for the porkchop idea instead.

After accepting this limitation, I focused on using a blotching technique on the background. I first used a light grey tone on a wet surface, and then dabbed the brush with all pure grey to give it some texture. This is what is fun about non digital drawing, experimenting with the tools you have.

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