23 Inktober 2018 – Muddy

wp-15402734331831802289976238842475.jpgI have to admit, I had this idea ready as soon as I saw the prompt the day the official prompt list was announced.

‘Muddy’ for me equals  the “muddy puddles” episode of Peppa Pig, jumping in  puddles with her brother George on a rainy day. My daughter loved Peppa Pig. Unfortunately she has grown out of now.

What I took from this episode (seeing it for the zillionth time);

  • It is ok to have fun, even when you’re a bit naughty (it is part of growing up)
  • Parents can join the fun and rediscover their inner child
  • Even when rainy days make you feel mèh, you can still have fun
  • When you’re too heavy you get stuck

Poor daddy pig. One day you come to realise that getting overweight is really an issue. I know throughout the series some episodes were dedicated where Peppa is fat shaming daddy pig, which ticked off some parents. Kids should not talk to parents like that, which I partially agree with. Kids should also be able to tell what is on their mind, as long as they know their boundaries.

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