18 Inktober 2018 – Bottle


I did a quick count of how many blank pages I have left in my “dedicated” Inktober sketchbook, and I need to start drawing two drawings on one page for a few days if I am going to keep them all together.

I never realised how a bundled stack of paper (where I spend about an hour a day in) becomes so personal to me. It feels that with every drawing, something is added to the experience, a story between the individual drawings. This was one aspect of drawing in an “analog” sketchbook I never realized. It really turns into a special journey of 31 days.

Bottled up rage. A small oversight on this drawing, is that I got so carried away drawing a screwtop on the glass bottle, that I forgot that the cork that I drew earlier should have been a screwcap. Also, it seems to small to fit. Oh well.


5 Replies to “18 Inktober 2018 – Bottle”

  1. Maybe that’s the reason for the anger? The too small cork and the missing screwtop? If the cork were larger he could bottle it up, but he can’t with that tiny cork!! That’s how i see it 🙂


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