14 Inktober 2018 – Clock


This drawing is created one day in advance, while my daughter is having her Delft municipality school swimming championship. It was nice to get an introductory speech by the town Major, but soon enough the swimming pool filled up with hundreds of parents. And in no time the tribune turned into a overcrowded no cell coverage subtropical nightmare. I fled.

I drew this, while sitting at a wobbly table on the terrace. The challenge was not accuracy in this drawing, but dealing with rude parents that see me struggling with this unstable surface. They barge in, dump schoolbags on this table causing an avalanche and converse loudly with other frustrated parents without even noticing.

That was the real challenge for today. Not the drawing as I could not focus (at all). Ironically, the theme is related to my own experience of time that crawled at a snail’s pace as the match went on for 4 hours.

I did see her swim, but the waiting in between was unbearable.

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