10 Inktober 2018 – Flowing

2018.10.10 Flow
Flow Waterfall

What is flow? How do you envision flowing? When I am drawing, I am definately in a flow. When my hand finds penstrokes I did not realise being capable of. Feeling the paper or being in such a meditative state that my coffee turns cold. I want to switch pens without even knowing I already did. My brain eases, my world makes sense and the awareness of my surroundings schrink until I am in a little bubble. All lights off except my natural light lamp.

My best flow hours are between 6 to 7am in the morning, oddly. I am an early riser, my alarm goes at 5:30am every day, and routine starts. Sometimes I prepare my work in the evening, but that’s nothing more than a concept sketch.

I might need to start setting an alarm as I need to wake up my daughter at 7, and it happened more often than not that we are hurrying in the morning, because the flow got me.

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