08 Inktober 2018 – Stars

Perspective has never been my strongest point (get it? ). It always turns into a pleasant surprise when, in the limited time I had this morning, I was able to do at least a half way decent, not so distorted drawing.

I was in a rush, and my priorities were definately not on what I needed to get done first, but I just had to finish this. I just had to.

A picture of a star in the universe requires a lot of black, and as you can see I am not yet adept in making it look as black as it should without it being messy and blotched. I did apply the wet on wet technique although I did not use a spray bottle (interesting to try that next time). Also, I only used my Sakura Koi watercolor brush and it is too rigid for big surfaces and I might want to revert to something like a fan brush.

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