Kubota backhoe digger

Is it technically urban sketching if the pencil drawing is only done on site, and the rest is done at the comfort of my diningroom table? Just asking, as it was the only way to get this beauty on paper.


On my regular dog walks in the weekend, I scan for objects to draw, and take 30 minutes to an hour to capture it (to my dog’s dismay). This KUBOTA backhoe digger was standing outside of a house in the process of being built. The arm extended, like it was going to grab me.

I started the pencil sketch in my notebook, all excited until my wife sent me a text that I needed to come home ASAP. So I rushed it, and was not able to get the full “urban” sketch experience out of it. Just pencil.

Maybe it was for the better, I am still experimenting with watercolor and have a Lamy painting kit I kind of regret buying, but I first need to feel if this is for me. I took my time learning the watercolor instead of fiddling with it on the spot, as I was quite nervous (something about drawing in public).

I do like how the colors turned out, although it is more by accident than feeling it. I hardly mixed anything, and it is grainy. But as with every new medium, small steps.

Did I mention I like diggers and construction machinery? That and old or abandoned houses, not your run of the mill house in the street. I have to feel there is something special about it.

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